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5 Memphis Wedding Venues That Feel Like Europe: Destination Weddings in the U.S.

Do you crave a European wedding, but feel like it’s not a practical reality for you? If you live near Memphis, TN, I have some venues destination weddings in the U.S. that will send you into the heart of the Old World. 

Personally, I’m a huge advocate for weddings abroad! You get to create a memorable experience for not only you, but for those who matter most to you. Keeping your celebration intimate reduces stress, allows you to indulge in a more lavish experience, and creates core memories that last a lifetime. If you want to be pragmatic, it’s a family vacation, wedding, and honeymoon all rolled into one. You know better than anyone that this isn’t always practical.  Maybe you have a short engagement in which you can’t get everyone’s passports secured on time. Perhaps traveling is difficult for a loved one without whom you can’t imagine not sharing your day. Speaking as a recovering people pleaser- maybe you’re under pressure to keep a larger guest list, and you don’t want to start off your married life arguing about who to invite.

If a European destination wedding is your heart’s desire but something is holding you back, here is a little list of venues that can keep you near Memphis but make you feel transported. It’s the best of both worlds! 

First, the formal gardens of The Dixon Gallery and Gardens will whisk you away to the English countryside. It’s easy to imagine you’ve escaped to your estate- much like a Jane Austen heroine or a Bridgerton. 

I must include the Brooks Museum of Art. The neoclassical architecture, exquisite marble, and reliefs are very European. You’ll be enveloped in a formal hedge garden that will feel like you’ve stepped into the Old World. The Brooks and adjacent Overton Park create a stunning backdrop for portraits. Read more about the Brooks Museum as a venue here. To see a real couple’s session at this venue, check out this post.

Next, I think Hedge Farm is one of the most charming venues on this list! The historic home has several wonderful options for celebration locations- but if it’s European influences you want, I recommend the gardens. You will feel like you’ve stepped into the countryside of France. This is a rural location that will aid in that French Provincial feeling . Note that there is a charming guest house on the property where you can fall into a comfy bed at the end of your celebration. See more details about Hedge Farm in this post. 

Longing for an Italian wedding? Tuscan Ridge is a beautiful venue set amid rolling hills and horse farms near Arlington. I must mention that their bridal suite is gorgeous! If you want to see more tips on getting those classic, Vogue-worthy bridal portraits, see this post. Must like Hedge Farm, this escape also has gracious guest rooms. If you want to gift your loved ones with a destination wedding in the U.S., this spot might be for you.

If you’re looking for the comfort of indoors, turn your eyes to The Cadre Building or the Continental Ballroom at The Peabody Hotel. Both of these will give you that classic, upscale, city wedding experience. The architecture, gold cartouches, and intricate ceilings will definitely give you that elevated Rococo feeling found throughout France and England. Keep in mind that these are large venues, so if you have an intimate celebration you may feel overwhelmed. Disclaimer, these two images are not my own, they come directly from the venues' websites.

If you have big dreams of a European destination wedding, be sure to share your vision with your planner. These professionals excel at turning vague ideas into realities. 


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